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Mix till Six (Extra Credit)

Extra Credit Blog Post

Mix Till Six

I worked the check in desk for the Mix Till Six event at the UW Tacoma located at the Tioga BLDG 4th Floor. It was an event that allowed students and staff to network with employers in the local area. I was able to meet a lot of students and employers. After my shift was completed and everyone was checked in I was able to go chat with future employers. My main goal was to find any employers who offered an internship for information technology for experience and networking. I was able to talk to a lady who was offering an IT position for the Washington State Investment Board. Although I haven't even got into my major, it was nice to be able to see what skills they were looking for and what positions were available. I grabbed her business card and told her that I will keep in touch. Next I went to talk with a company that offered a e-commerce website selling new products everyday. It was called Zulily and the headquarters is located in Seattle. My…

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